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March Events: 
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- Provide Music for Residents Living in Assisted Living or Long Term Care Facilities(Click to get appointment times with Ethan and/or Kaci)

- Easter Egg Hunt for Children With Special Needs: A less chaotic hunt, geared toward children with special needs.  No loud starts, larger eggs, space for parents/friends to assist, LOTS of cheering for each participant!
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Upcoming Events:

- Easter Egg Hunt for Kids with Special Needs

- April Showers

- Diaper Derby

- Hobby Horse Tournament

- Arts in the Parks for Kids

- For the.Love of Literature: Reading to the Next Generation

Recent Events:

- Over 1,200 Valentine's for the Homeless Population

- Music in Assisted Living & Long-term Care Facilities

Please email us for more information on how to join the FUN!

"I may not be able to change the world for everyone,
​but I can make today special for someone!" - MyFriendEthan



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