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ShowMeTheLove.org - Created by @MyFriendEthan.com 

April Focus:
- Toiletries for parents with children at
Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.
After Ethan
spent 9 days there, it became clear that a big gap

was with toiletries for parents/guardians who hadn't
anticipated staying very long.  Some floors only had 
baby soap, and it was SO refreshing for a
parent to shower with real products.  
​Something so small, makes a HUGE difference.

             How you can help... 

- Donate travel sized toiletries

     (shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, lotion for women and men).

- Host a drop-off location Wednesday & Thursday, March 14 & 15.

- Ongoing Partnerships for Hosting and Financial Support
​      **If your organization/team has an idea you'd like to partner with us to implement, please email here and let us know!  We will help promote, and will acknowledge your company in a special newsletter and website section.**

- If you're unable to participate, donate via venmo to @myfriendethan - subject line #ShowMeTheLove - and we'll purchase items for you!
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